Shoji Itoh
Academic Computing and Communications Center, University of Tsukuba

"Development of Performance Evaluation System and Knowledge Database
on Matrix Computations"

In this talk, an approach to evaluate the performance
on numerical algorithms for solving linear equations is proposed.
In the field of scientific and technical computation,
we need to solve numerically the various equations which describe
realistic problems like natural phenomena or engineering phenomena.
In the end, their solutions often be reduced to solving linear
equations of large size. It is important to solve them rapidly and
There are various algorithms for solving such linear equations,
but there is little information indicating an appropriate match
better the linear equations and the solution algorithms for solving
linear equations. Even if there is no concrete resolution of this
situation, there is a desire to at least grasp only the correlation
between the algorithms and the problem to be solved.
The purpose of this work is to analyze numerical algorithms
systematically. As its approach, we develop information systems and
evaluation systems. At this time, a database has been constructing
from the data obtained, and an information retrieval system
facilitating performance comparison and showing a graphical
representation of the iterative methods was developed. Using this
system, it is possible to instantly compare the performance
of some algorithms in general numerical experiments.