Opening Remarks
Session 1:
Session Chair:
10:50 - 12:30
  1. Code Generation and Optimization of Distributed-Memory Dense Linear Algebra Kernels
    Author(s): B. Marker, D. Batory, R. van de Geijn
  2. Self-tuning multimedia streaming system on cloud infrastructure
    Author(s): G. Sebestyen, A. Hangan, K. Sebestyen, R. Vachter
  3. A Sparse Matrix Library with Automatic Selection of Iterative Solvers and Preconditioners
    Author(s): T. Sakurai, T. Katagiri, H. Kuroda, K. Naono, M. Igai, S. Ohshima
  4. Using Machine Learning in order to Improve Automatic SIMD Instruction Generation
    Author(s): A. Trouvé A.J. Cruz, H. Fukuyama, J. Maki, H. Clarke, K. Murakami, M. Arai, T. Nakahira, E. Yamanaka
Session 2:
Session Chair:
15:15 - 16:55
  1. How to Determine the Topology of Hierarchical Tuning Networks for Dynamic Auto-Tuning in Large-Scale Systems
    Author(s): A. Martinez, A. Sikora, E. César, J. Sorribes
  2. OCLoptimizer: an iterative optimization tool for OpenCL
    Author(s): D. Andrade, J.F. Fabeiro, B.B. Fraguela
  3. A mathematical method for online autotuning of power and energy consumption with corrected temperature effects
    Author(s): R. Suda, C. Luo, T. Katagiri
  4. Automatic Tuning of Compiler Optimizations and Analysis of their Impact
    Author(s): D. Plotnikov, D. Melnik, M. Vardanyan, R. Buchatskiy, R. Zhuykov, J.H. Lee
Session 3:
Session Chair:
17:15 - 18:55
  1. Crowdsourcing auto-tuning: challenges and possible solutions
    Author(s): G. Fursin
  2. From performance analytics to autotuning in parallel programs
    Author(s): J. Labarta
Closing Remarks